10 Angriest Dyno Tests Ever Will Make U Cry Tears O’ Fear!

10 Angriest Dyno Tests Ever Will Make U Cry Tears O’ Fear!

These are some insane dyno tests. Some of these cars, the 10 angriest cars to ever do a dyno test, seem to not have any type of RPM limit. They just keep on accelerating and accelerating.

And yet somehow their engines do not blow up. Thank goodness, yeah?

The 10 greatest dyno test runs of all time were laid down by a 1600-horsepower Dodge Challenger, an absolutely crazy 1993 Ford Mustang that somehow pumps out 2200 horsepower, a 1500-horsepower Toyota Supra, a Nissan Skyline R33 that twists out 900 horsepower, a 600-HP Ferrari F40 LM, a Mazda 767b race car boasting 600 horses, a Lamborghini Aventador supercar sportscar with four beautiful exhaust pipes, a a 2200-horsepower Saleen S7, yet another Supra, and a nasty lil’ 920-horsepower Honda Civic.

Only the number of horsepower combined in this video will make you … drool

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