Cars! They get us from point A to point B in style, comfort, and with speed. A car is more than just a vehicle, it’s also a status symbol, a safety device, and a tool. Some cars, however; take one or more of those aspects too far and become either dangerous or stupid or both! These are 10 Banned Cars You Can’t Drive In America!

First of all, I’ve only heard of a couple of these cars because they’re relatively obscure, at least as far as what info about them has made it to the US. For some of them, it’s immediately obvious why they aren’t available here, such as the first one up on the list, the 1992 Smart Crossblade, a tiny ride carrying an appropriately menacing name. This “car” is built more like a golf cart, which is pointed out by the narrator, which brings me to my second point: the narration is hilarious! The narrator, who signs off at the end of the vides as “Son of a Mitch”, is hilarious throughout the video, dropping some hilarious one-liners and puns that make this video truly entertaining, while the information makes it educational.

The outlawed cars, ranging from massive amphibious Duck Boat-style rides to sleek corner carvers like the Donkervoort D8 GTO Blister Berg Edition.

There’s even a Chevrolet on the list, though it’s another one of those cross-brand projects that isn’t quite up to the safety standards here in the US. One banned ride that really stands out is the KTM X-Bow – that’s pronounced “Cross Bow” as we found out from the narrator – KTM’s first venture into the world of cars. While the X-Bow hasn’t made its way to the States, and may never end up here, it’s one wicked little ride that we’d love to get our hands one.

We aren’t going to spoil the rest of the list for you, just sit back and watch as Top 10 Trends and Son of a Mitch take us through this list in the most entertaining way possible!

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