These 10 Sleeper Cars Are Perfect Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

These 10 Sleeper Cars Are Perfect Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Dream machines like Lamborghinis and Bugattis are incredible cars, but there’s a lot more to owning them than just driving and maintenance. On top of their astronomical prices and high cost of upkeep, flashy cars attract a crowd wherever they go. Inevitably, people will want to photograph them, ride in them, race them, talk about them, or any combination of these things. An outing in a sports car can easily turn into an unwanted spectacle whether it’s on the racetrack or at the grocery store.

That’s what makes sleeper cars so satisfying: They offer all the performance without any of the trappings. Besides a much lower profile, sleeper cars deftly avoid the baggage that comes with owning a flashy car. People usually wonder what owning a bright green Lamborghini Gallardo says about the driver, and a police officer is much more likely to go after a speeding Lambo then they are something like a late-model Mercury sedan.

Sleeper cars prove that some of the best machines on the road can be forgettable looking cars with styling so mundane you could lose them in a parking lot. Most sleepers have an everyman quality to them, a look that says daily driver while just below the surface lies a car that can go toe-to-toe with the best. For many drivers, there’s an immense satisfaction in driving a car that looks slower than it really is – and then showing up someone in a flashier, more expensive car.

They may not look like much, but here are 10 sleeper cars that made a name for themselves as the car you’d least suspect.

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