1000hp+ 572ci Blown Merlin Big Block Powered 1959 Chevrolet Viking is Brutally Loud

Wanna see a rare Chevy truck which is absolutely cool? If you’re saying “Yes!” to this then scroll down and check out the video below. A good-looking 1959 model Chevrolet Viking is what you’re gonna see in this enjoyable video. The 59 Chevrolet Viking was first used as a commercial vehicle by a company that sold stationary engine, after that it went to a junkyard then arrived to its current owner in 1996, being left in his backyard for over ten years. Then, fortunately, the owner decided to transform it to its current haunting status. It is now powered by a badass and brutally loud Blown Merlin 572ci Big Block with nitrous and straight pipes. This compelling engine makes more than 1000hp.

Watch the video below and enjoy!