When you begin to turn the wrenches on a racing machine, it can take a lot of time as one thing spirals into another and, as you’re a perfectionist, you want to take the extra hours to make sure that everything is absolutely right. In addition, you’re also spending a good chunk of change to make your car faster which could be an even more absurd amount of money if you have somebody else build your car for you. Long story short, when talking about your effort and your wallet, you have quite an investment into a vehicle that makes 1000 horsepower that you definitely don’t want to lose.

However, unfortunately for the owner of this Chevrolet Corvette z06 making four digits of power, the individual would have to face exactly that situation as the car would burn to the ground thanks to what the driver suspected to be a brake line melting on an exhaust header. Once the person behind the camera got hold of the situation, it would be too late for anyone to hop in and do anything as the car was being engulfed in a ball of flames, melting its way down to the ground and leaving quite a depressing sight that showcases a beautiful car being destroyed completely by fire.
Down below, you can see the original Facebook post for yourself that shows the pictures and videos surrounding the incident that would have this gorgeous machine making its way out of this world in a ball of flames. Hopefully, the insurance company behind this car is going to be able to help this guy out to get himself into another set of wheels. This is a situation that you would even want to wish on your worst enemy as this one definitely had to hit where it hurts.

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