11 Reasons Why The ’70 Chevy Chevelle Was King

11 Reasons Why The ’70 Chevy Chevelle Was King

One of the favorite cars from the period when the muscle car was at its peak, and certainly one of the cars whose posters were adorned by millions of deck rooms.┬áLet’s find out why is that so.

Horse Power

The horse power produced in the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 started off at 370 when they were first produced. By the end of production, it was at a whopping 450.

Different Engine Options

There were several different engine options for the Chevelle, but the SS 454 had a gigantic 454 cubic inch engine in it. This was one of the largest engines ever fitted into a production car, and modern versions of it can be found in full sized trucks.


The Chevelle SS 454 has a four-speed manual transmission, which was heavily sought after for racing. The four speed transmission was great for acceleration, and spaced for the most exciting driving possible. It was also possible to purchase a two stage pulse transmission.


The area that normally contained warning lights on earlier Chevelles was replaced with a four gauge display on the SS 454. This improved rider control, and simply made the car cooler to drive. It was possible to also purchase versions that featured a dash with a tachometer.

Squared Stance

The Chevelles SS 454 had a much squarer stance than earlier versions of the car. This resulted in it having a more manly appearance, and it helps to accentuate the overall lines. The square stance became a hit feature in later muscle cars.

Wagon or Sedan Models

It was possible to purchase wagon versions of the Chevelle SS 454 that allowed for more trunk space. This also helped to give it a more aerodynamic look. The sedan versions helped to give it more of a square appearance from behind.


When the car was first tested, it was able to complete a quarter mile in twelve seconds, which was exceptionally fast for the day. It had a quarter mile trap speed of one hundred and twelve miles per hour. The Chevelle SS 454 was the fastest American production car at the time of its making.

Seats and Interior

The Chevelle features bucket seats in the front, and bench seats in the back. The seats were made out of nice vinyl, and the interior was fitted with a matte finish, providing a sleek design that drivers loved.

Badges and Body

The Chevelle featured fourteen inch wheels with badges on them. The body looked great in various colors, and it was common to have Chevelle SS 454s custom painted. The body was made of treated steel.


The customizability of the Chevelle SS 454 was very important to owners. The car is commonly modified by collectors today, and it was not uncommon to add things such as a larger manifold. It was also common to replace the axels, fan, and the even the transmission.


The car has a proud history, and is considered to be one of the defining American muscle cars. The car is frequently written about, and it is the gold standard that other muscle cars are compared to. The Chevelle SS 454 was the most powerful car of its day.

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