When it comes to the drug trade, I have to admit that I’m certainly no professional a well-respected professional from what the inquiring ear has determined thanks to the DARE program many moons ago and an interest in those boring Netflix documentaries about the drug trade, so take that for what you will.

From what common knowledge would tell you, the people behind creating drugs will do whatever they can an order to stretch their supply as far as it will go, creating as much of their product as possible while still allowing it to retain its potency to a point. As you could imagine, this could mean that they could be cutting their product with some pretty dangerous stuff as if what they were creating wasn’t dangerous enough already.
When stumbling upon this video, it definitely kind of reminded me of one of those documentaries, however, I’m pretty sure that storing raw meth in your gas tank isn’t exactly how you go about cutting it. However, that appears to be how this transporter wanted to move the product around and unfortunately for them, their goals would not be met as a traffic stop ended with a police dog pointing out the tank full of drugs, allowing the police to seize 70 pounds which is believed to have a street value over $2 million.
Now, again, I’m no expert, but I would personally think that if you were transporting something in a gas tank and if you would want it to still be usable after the trip, that you would stash it away in bags as to not touch the gasoline. However, it appears as of this person simply crammed as much as they could in the gas tank and had at it. Perhaps, the tank was simply an extra and didn’t have a function in the scheme of the car being driven but either way, it turns out to be a story with a happy ending as the police got some big money worth of drugs off of the street.

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