20 of the Rarest and Coolest Pickup Truck Special Editions You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Dodge Midnite Express
Years: 1978

Of all the “Adult Toys”, Midnite Express was likely the rarest. It appeared to be the Warlock with Lil’ Red Express appearance. That’s because it was the Warlock with Lil’ Red Express parts. I reckon things worked in the following order: first you buy the Warlock and LRX packages with their black paint, golden stripes, and wood-plated bed. Then you order 18-wheeler vertical exhausts straight from the Lil’Red Express, and voila! There’s your Midnite Express.
Unlike its red sister which came exclusively with 360ci V8, most Midnite Expresses seem to have been equipped with the 440ci V8. However, it also seems most of the other engines were applicable as well. Tracking those 270 of the original ones down today is practically impossible as most of surviving ones are conversions. After all, it wasn’t all that hard painting your Dodge D Series truck black, applying a few decals and fitting it with semi’s stacks.

GMC Sierra California Sundancer
Year: 1987

California Sundancer, as its name suggests, was a regional special available only in Southern California. That’s probably the main reason it has fallen into obscurity. Special edition pickup truck was designed for Southern California sport truck market but that didn’t hinder it from having the roll bar. Not really a sport truck thing (more 4×4), but then again it was ’87. Other than that, all were painted Bright Yellow, and had had two-tone blue pinstripes and Gunmetal Gray lower treatment. They also had Smittybilt tubular steel bumpers, sunroof, Bilstein gas-pressure shock absorbers, and BFGoodrich radials on 15×7 Mag Sprinter Western wheels. Good luck finding one intact today, though.

Chevrolet K10 Sno Chaser
Year: 1984

This K10 Chevy is more or less the opposite of the California Sundancer. It was offered in northern states and other wintery areas, and its production numbers seem to be among the lowest of all special editions. It would appear they were all painted red with golden stripe and black lower treatment. What they certainly had, was the cab spoiler mounted on the bed behind the cab, and Sno Chaser decal on the rear bedsides. One of the few rare examples we managed to find is fitted with the 350ci V8 in Scottsdale trim, but that doesn’t have to mean all of them were limited to this setup.

Dodge D100 Spirit of 76
Year: 1976

Celebrating America’s Bicentennial with a special edition trim package is something all manufacturers did 40 years ago. Dodge offered one such package with the Dart and D100 pickup truck. Spirit of 76 consisted of numerous red and blue decals and stripes all over the truck’s white body. Package was only offered on the cheapest available trucks which means they all came with the slant six engine. Interior was a little bit more premium with colorful cloth and vinyl or all vinyl bench seat that followed the exterior theme. Finally, finishing touches were the courtesy of special bright wheel covers.

Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi GTX
Years: 2004-2005

Hemi GTX sport package was introduced in 2004 in order to celebrate the golden Mopar years and their most famous engine to date – the 426ci Elephant V8. It was commissioned by Dodge, but customized by a third-party producer, LA West of Indiana, after being ordered from the dealers. Only 433 have been commissioned in 2004 and similar amount of units followed the next year. They were available in all of Mopar High Impact colors of the early seventies including Hemi Orange, Plum Crazy Purple, Sublime Green, and Banana Yellow. Moreover, they came with 20-inch American Racing Motto chrome wheels, blacked out cowl hood, “hockey-stick” stripe on the side, and specially trimmed 2-tone leather interior. The engine, as you might have guessed, was the 5.7L Magnum V8.

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