2018 Ford GT Standard vs. $10,000 Titanium Exhaust Rev Battle Gets Pretty Loud

The new Ford GT is impressive on so many levels and yet the soundtrack of the supercar isn’t among its top assets. After all, there has to be a price for the downsizing that led to the use of a twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. But what is you go for the optional titanium exhaust?
Well, since the GT isn’t exactly the kind of car that you can take for a spin in order to… compare the two voices, you’ll have to turn to the world wide web for such a comparison. And we’ve got just the thing for you, namely the piece of footage at the bottom of the page (lens tip to the Ford GT forums).
The clip delivers an exhaust battle, seeing two GTs parked next to each other – the red car comes with titanium hardware, while the blue one features the standard exhaust.
Since we’re talking about revving (the aural battle doesn’t involve under-load sounds), you shouldn’t expect all that much from this dB fight. Even so, the clip we’re talking about is enough to allow you to tell the difference between the two.
As for how much the titanium exhaust will cost you, we’ll remind you that such a goodie comes at a price of $10,000.
Speaking of various goodies for the 2017/2018 Ford GT, we’ll remind you that the aftermarket side of the industry has already set its sights on the supercar.
The finest tuning bit we’ve seen so far landed at the recent SEMA show, where we met a Ford GT that had received carbon shoes. Supplied by ADV.1 Wheels, the rims deliver a 40 percent weight reduction compared to the cast aluminum OEM wheels of the beast.
Keep in mind that Ford also offers optional carbon wheels of the the GT and we could expect even more tuning offers to arrive in the future, as the wonder material is welcomed by more and more wheel developers.

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