Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the 750 horsepower Corvette ZR1! Take a moment, and just admire the beauty before you. We’ll take a second ourselves to gaze lovingly upon it one more time before we continue.
It appears Chevrolet has once again managed to raise the bar, bumping the horsepower a full 100 over the insanely fast Z06 model. While we don’t know for sure, based on the Z06’s 1:1 horsepower to torque ratio, there’s a very real chance the ZR1 will boast a neck-snapping 750 ft/lbs of torque. Speculation and rumors about regarding the ZR1, but we really don’t have too much information other than this allegedly-leaked Car and Driver magazine cover featuring a gorgeous orange iteration.
Of course, the legendary ZR1 namesake means there’s more going on here than just a bump in horsepower, and some of the other changes are immediately noticeable. There’s a massive carbon fiber rear spoiler that leaps off the rear of the car and grabs your attention immediately. While it’s a big on the “look at me” side, we’re going to give GM the benefit of the doubt and assume there was some extensive testing done and the benefits of the wing outweigh the gaudiness. Looking a big closer, there’s been some work done on the nose of the car as well, with the single wide grille opening of the Z06 having given way to a trifecta of smaller inlets, with the two outer portals likely directing fresh air to the brakes while the center inlet channels fresh air into the engine. Finally, there’s an undeniably presence to the hood bulge, which has been altered slightly from that of the Z06.
All in all, what we can see of the new ZR1 looks downright sinister, and with more horsepower on tap than ever before, we can’t wait to see what kind of performance this thing is capable of. We have to assume a Nurburgring recor attemp either has been done or will be done soon, and we know Car and Driver likely put the car through its battery of tests, if they were handed the keys to test the car in the photo.


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