In the scheme of how much information is out there for us to absorb every day, with horsepower figures and dollar numbers being thrown every which direction, it’s hard to appreciate just how impressive certain machines can really be as they tend to blend into this massive mix.

This time, however, we catch up with a car that most certainly isn’t difficult to appreciate at all. Even with an information overload, I think that it’s pretty easy to process the fact that the Ferrari FXX K, a car that goes for $3 million one awesome machine that just about anybody would be excited to get their hands on or even be around!

Not only is this a machine that is fun to look at, as most Ferraris are, but it’s also something that hits the track and stretches out the legs on the company’s racing heritage as it absolutely blasts around the racing surface, letting all 12 of those cylinders sing in unison as it spits out an aggressive exhaust not that’s almost simultaneously angelic in its tone. There’s just something about all of the effort that has gone into this car that has come together in just the right way to make it about the ultimate machine for the spectator. I’d venture to think that it’s even more intense for whoever happens to be behind the wheel of such a brilliant piece of racing artwork as well.

Follow along with the video down below that puts you on the scene as a group of these impressive rides make their way around the track, screaming out with a note that you’re going to want to hear. With that in mind, I’d also recommend that you crank those speakers up and get the full experience that millions of dollars worth of cars have to offer.

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