$3.75 Million in Engines Were Stolen From a Jaguar Land Rover Factory…in 6 Minutes

Criminals stole more than $3.75 million worth of engines from Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Solihull, England in a daring, six-minute heist on Tuesday night, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The theft apparently occurred around 10:30 p.m. and was done in full view of on-site security cameras. The thieves entered the facility through a security-manned gate, connected their truck to a trailer that was holding the engines, and drove out, the Birmingham Mail writes. The whole event took place in just six minutes.

It is believed that the same truck came back later in the night, hooked up to another trailer filled with engines, and made off with more valuable car parts.

Factory employees were “stunned” by the heist. “The whole place is in uproar about it,” a source said to Birmingham Mail.

“We can confirm that we are working closely with West Midlands Police to investigate the theft of engines from the Solihull manufacturing plant,” a JLR spokespersons said. “A reward is on offer to anyone who has information which leads to the successful recovery of these engines.”

Following the heist, police were able to locate the stolen trailers, but are still looking for the motors and the thieves.

“Any information on the whereabouts of the engines or those involved in the thefts should be reported to Solihull police,” the JLR spokesperson said.