’59 Corvette gets wrecked in Florida Walmart parking lot

’59 Corvette gets wrecked in Florida Walmart parking lot

Brace yourselves, Corvette enthusiasts. Today we have a video that may make you down right sick.

A defenseless C1 Corvette was damaged in the parking lot of a Englewood, Florida, Walmart. A Ford Taurus was the alleged attacker.

Pictures and video have gone viral on Facebook of a parking lot mishap in Charlotte County.

Somehow one car ended up on top of another – that car is a classic 1959 Corvette.

The aftermath of the mishap in Edgewood was captured on video and posted to Facebook by Jason Motz, who explained that an elderly female driver was cutting through the parking lot when she realized she was heading toward the Corvette, which was parked off to one side of the lot. According to UPI, the woman attempted to hit the brakes but hit the accelerator instead.

The woman’s Ford ended up climbing up onto the vintage car at an angle. No one was injured in the crash.

It’s hard to tell the exact amount of damage, but we can at least tell the driver’s side door and paneling is crushed. We just can imagine how much the repairs will cost.

This scene make my eyes full of tears. I’m totally speechless…

What will do you if this ol’ beauty was your car?

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