There are countless life hacks for making your daily life easier, but we didn’t know there were actually books published decades ago that are full of simple, but effective, tips for making life just a little better. Household Hacker is a YouTube channel dedicated just to these types of tricks, and they decided to put a few ideas from 1,001 How-To Ideas to the test and see if they really work as advertised.

Starting off, they have the idea to use a magnet as a paintbrush holder, which makes perfect sense as long as the brush has a metal band, which the vast majority do. This means all you have to do is place the brush beside the magnet and it will hold, then you just grab it and pull and it’s free. Sliding heavy furniture around on your floor can do serious damage, but you can prevent damage and make the job a little easier by flattening out egg cartons and placing the furniture on top of them.

You can place a rubber band around a flashlight and attach it to a funnel to give you some control over the angle of the light, leaving your hands free to operate without having to hold the light too. There’s a great way to get those tricky bacon strips apart without tearing them too, simply roll the package into a U-shape and give it a squeeze. You can put a little steel wool in a funnel to keep liquids from foaming and making a mess while pouring, and you can use a small spring to keep a pesky door from closing on its own.

There are many other hacks tested in this video, and they all seem to work perfectly, as described in the How To guide. I’m sure you can find your own copy of the book if you look around online for it, and maybe you can put some of these ideas to the test as well. It just might make your life a little easier!

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