’61 Chevy Bel Air Is A 4-Door Sleeper With A Rather Crazy Engine Setup

If you love to see sleepers especially a 4-door sleeper, then here’s a sick build that’ll get anyone staring with the nice balance of looking stock while being crazy. It’s a 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air called the “Apocalypse 61” featuring a badass engine setup that makes it one ultimate sleeper.

Except for some custom molds, this ride has been kept clean and close to stock while maxing out insanity in the engine bay. It resonates beauty and simplicity with the tasteful combo of the apocalypse satin green and glossy black paint. Neat and fresh-looking setup in the front and rear with all chrome painted. Great stance and cool black Detroit steel wheels too!

The interior of this Chevy has been kept near stock as well. Surely nothing more delightful that to cruise in a ride that offers an ambiance a factory original offers too.

Popping the hood reveals a motor that guarantees nothing but pure fun. It’s a Chevy zz4 crate engine with twin turbos, fuel injection and Eddie Motorsports front runner system. Well, if that doesn’t sound a setup enjoyable to drive, then I do not know what would.

Wanna see everything for yourself? Check it out below!