Welcome to the world of messing with your car, where there are definitely lots of recurring themes that we have to say we love to see. When it just so happens to be the theme of taking new power and sticking it under the hood of an old muscle car, we’re in love. For example, like what we see in this situation, you see the powertrain pulled out of a late model Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, a supercharged car that cranks out over 500 hp and almost touches 600 at 580, and sticks all that sauce in the old school car a 68 Camaro that, while it was fast for its time, never saw the type of performance that we see out of these newer muscle machines.

Naturally, something like this is going to be a rather big head turner but I guess it turned out that the person behind the wheel here was on a collision course with the situation that would make it even more of a head turner as the LSA powered 68 Camaro was absolutely beaten on as the driver laid hard into the throttle, giving this car everything that it’s got, spinning the wheel sideways in an attempt to kick the tires off and do a couple of donuts.
If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able watch an incredibly fun display of one package that wraps up several generations of Chevrolet Camaro into one bundle of fun. If we were to grab one takeaway from this video, it would be that this car is one that certainly provides lots of joy to whoever is behind the wheel. I don’t care who you are or what your favorite corner of the car world is; it’ll be pretty hard to be able to lay into something like this without at least cracking somewhat of a smile on your face.

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