Accidents are certainly no fun to be a part of. When you get tangled up in a situation that has your ride totaled, it’s about the last place that you want to be, however, as a responsible driver, you need to hang around and make sure that everybody is alright, including yourself, before exchanging insurance information and continuing on with your day, just riding out the course and doing whatever it takes to recover from the situation as much as possible. Running away from the scene certainly isn’t helping anybody including yourself as you’re probably going end up having even more trouble in the matter.

In this one, we don’t want to throw any accusations around but from a standpoint where we wouldn’t consider ourselves to be professionals, this looks like an attempted hit-and-run if we have ever seen one. We join in on the situation that looks to be rather painful as this driver who was tangled up in a multi-car accident is doing everything that he can try and get his big old Chevy truck moving again. I guess that he isn’t about to try and stick around to see exactly what the consequences of this accident are going to be, that is, until the truck won’t move and the police shop on the scene.

Follow along in the video down below and be sure to tell us what you think of this situation that really isn’t looking too good. You have to feel for everyone who got wrapped up in a wreck like this but trying to run away from it is just going to get you in a world of trouble! It really leads you to wonder what ever came of an accident like this one and what kind of penalties were handed out to the responsible party here.

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