When you head out to the public roadways, you get a built-in guarantee that you’re going to stumble across a bad driver or two. We get it, not everybody’s perfect but it definitely takes a special kind of person to be able to PIT maneuver themselves. Accidents do happen and there are times where you just can’t help but get caught in a situation where you lose control whether it be due to inclement weather or a simple lapse of focus but this time, we happen to come across a situation that looks like it was completely avoidable that but driver hurled themselves right in the thick of things anyway.
In this one, the camera is rolling as a couple of cars barrel their way down the highway but when the camera car in question here attempts to make a pass, it turns out that the person in front of the driver didn’t see the car making this maneuver and decided to come over into the left lane anyway, effectively clipping the front end of the passing machine and burying themselves in the tree line to the left. That is definitely a maneuver that’s going to leave a mark as the car pretty much rocketed straight towards the trees and ended up getting itself tangled up in quite the predicament.
If you follow along with the clip below, you’ll be able to witness this one for yourself as a little bit of complacency on the highway ends up spiraling out of control and turning into something much different. I’m not sure about you but personally, for me, this one really makes me want to check my blind spot twice next time that I head out to the roadways. This ride most certainly looks like one adrenaline rush that definitely would not be fun to be a part of.

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