When you show up to a truck pulling competition, the goal is to have the strongest truck on this premises, showcasing not only its muscle that helps it to keep moving forward with an intense load on the back but also its ability to use that muscle while not getting stuck in the mud. It’s definitely a situation that showcases what some of these incredible machines are capable of as the people behind them hook them up with the best equipment available and spend lots of time and money dialing them in to make sure that they will be competitive on pulling day.

However, in this situation, it looks like somebody really came through with something extra as they showed up to the truck pull with something that was sure to dominate the competition with the Hemmett A4 Wrecker, a machine that looks like it’s built to pull down buildings with four axles of fury. This thing looks like it was downright the perfect candidate for the truck pull and all the people with the other trucks are probably looking on, trying to figure out exactly what’s happening as they get completely dominated by this machine that obviously goes above and beyond the competition.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll watch the display that is probably making these people think twice about what exactly they allow into the truck pull. It almost seems like, with a vehicle like this, it would create the need to make some extra rules so that a machine like this is in the class of its own. As of now, the heavyweight appears as if it would be the ultimate towing machine, showing off what it’s got, blasting down the course to dominate the load in question with complete and utter ease.

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