I know I am not the only person who finds broken bones disturbing (okay, I actually find it legitimately nauseating, don’t judge me) so for those of you out there who can’t stomach the sight of, say, a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula, you’re going to want to watch this carefully. I had a feeling I might get a glimpse of something like that after seeing the title of the video, so I watched it prepared to look away as soon as I saw anything… out of the ordinary. It didn’t take long. So go ahead and hit that play button, but just know as soon as the cameraman jumps off his bike to check on his fellow riders, there’s a foot facing the wrong way, okay! Now, on to the actual video itself.

I would love to take the bikers’ side in this and say it wasn’t their fault, but from the very beginning, you can clearly see this traffic signal is red, but these riders blow right through the light, with devastating results. The first rider makes it through the light on the back tire cleanly, although he does have a bit of a close call with a car turning into the highway from the left. The second bike that blows the light doesn’t have quite the same luck, with a car driving from the left just as the bike with a rider and passenger enter the intersection, resulting in a sickening impact.
Both of the bike’s riders fly over the hood of the car and tumble across the road. Thankfully there are no other cars in the intersection and the riders roll to a stop near the curb. The rider jumps to his feet, seemingly in pretty good shape, but his female passenger has a much worse situation on her hands. As mentioned earlier, I had to turn away, but I did see enough to know that her foot appears to be facing the wrong direction at one point, meaning either her leg is badly broken or her ankle is destroyed.
It’s unfortunate to see such a terrible injury, but I think we can all agree the fact that she was conscious and breathing proves the situation could have been much worse. Hopefully she was able to make a full recovery and return to riding, perhaps with a little more cautious approach to intersections, especially those with red lights.

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