Blown 1968 Dodge Charger Open Desert Road!

Dodge Charger

This is a High Definition video by TJR Films and ENGINEERED IMPERFECTIONS (EIINC). Helicopter footage by the guys at EIINC designed and built the 1968 Dodge Charger in this video which was taken on-site at the music video shoot for Mann’s hit song “4AM”. EIINC designs the most outrageous and unique muscle cars with non-duplicated style.

The only 1968 dodge charger car which comes close to challenging the new Charger for styling accolades is the new Corvette, which is remarkably similar to the Charger, particularly when viewed from the rear quarter. But, we give the honors to the Charger for several reasons. First, the Corvette, being a smaller car in both seating capacity and wheelbase, has a much easier time attaining the desired sporty image. Second, Dodge stylists have shown that they can create a car in the current idiom with originality, combining just the right amount of tasteful conformity with that novelty and freshness which attracts attention.