One of the beautiful things of having a car that falls into the category of “American muscle machine” is that it’s completely acceptable to go out there with a loud screaming V8, shouting at the top of its lungs and really making its presence felt. Perhaps this is one of the favorite aspects of this car that you will find among the people who own them. There’s just something about a muscle car that has just the right amount of flash alongside all whole lot of power that really speaks to a wide portion of the community. If you don’t get what we’re talking about for some reason, this video will direct you toward just that feeling within.

In this one, we check out the likes of a blown Chevrolet Camaro as it makes its way from inside of a trailer, rolling out into the street and showing us exactly what it’s all about to be in the presence of a machine like this one. This thing is lean and mean, packing not only a lot of muscle under the hood but also the sounds that match as it absolutely screams its way out of the trailer, all without even breaking a sweat as the car makes your jaw drop with ease. This thing is really an attention getter on its own without any driver input that would require an excessive amount of pushing down that throttle to get in the ear of whoever’s nearby.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll not only be able to get a look at the car but also be able to hear it in all of its glory as it chops away with an insane idle before showing us a little bit of what it has got behind it when the driver manages a few quick accelerations that will really have you feeling like you’re being thrown back into your seat, all without moving a single muscle.

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