From an outsider’s perspective who hasn’t really taken the time to go to very many car meets, they might have a picture in their head of all car meets being the same. However, if you have been to different meets that are organized in different ways, you might notice that there are definitely different vibes that go alongside each of these meets, depending on the crowd that shows up. It could be completely calm and collected like a Sunday morning at Cars and Coffee with an older group of people who attend and maybe have a little bit more money tied up in their cars or, things ago completely in the opposite direction with everyone going off the hanger.

This time, we check out a collection of people who are definitely on the opposite side of that coin, breaking out the wild side as they head to a car meet that really gets a little bit out of hand and by “out of hand,” we aren’t exaggerating at all when we say that. Literally, everything that could possibly disrupt a car meet pretty much goes down at this one from doing burnouts to drifting, revving engines, and just about everything else. If you want to draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself, this is probably the way that you do it but I guess that this is just how some people prefer to hang out with their cars, at the end of the day.
If you follow the meet down in the video below, you’ll be taken to the scene of this car based gathering as everybody involved seems to be going buck wild. After watching the footage below, it kind of seems like everything crazy is coming together at once, be sure to tell us if you prefer a meet like this or you would rather have something a little bit more quiet unfold while you get together and talk cars with a couple of buddies.

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