Sometimes, you might just get caught in a situation where you have a series of events unfold, and while it might not look exactly the way that is, well, the way that it’s perceived as sometimes what other people will learn to accept. That’s just an aspect of life that you eventually learn to live with whether it’s for better or for worse. This time, we check out a situation that shares some of those characteristics and the driver of a car who ended up gaining quite a reputation for something that wasn’t as it seemed. When you see the background, though, you’ll have a keen insight to the reality of it all.

You see, as the man behind a drop top machine with a girlfriend who needed to get some of her sorority friends to their destination was rolling down the road, eventually an incredibly unlikely series of events would unfold that would involve the police, his brother who knew the police officer, and that whole group of sorority girls that would expand his reputation from a guy who admits that he can barely handle one woman to a ladies man who had a car full of good-looking girls rolling down the highway at a high rate of speed.
If you follow along down at the video below, you’ll be able to get the parts of the story that builds until you have the full details and can figure out exactly what was going on here. After watching this video, you’ll get a valuable lesson in why it can be important to not judge a book by its cover because even though some things might look one way and the person might have a certain reputation, well, rumors spread fast and reality might not be any further from that truth.

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