Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy

You can argue that any vehicle broken down enough can be bought cheaply, but this video covers which muscle cars you can buy to get the most bang for your buck. 80’s and 90’s vehicles can still be bought for a reasonable amount these days, but this video focuses on vintage muscle cars and the not so popular models of the time which still have all the DNA of their more popular counterparts.

Take the 1969 to 70 Mercury Cougar. Built as a middle ground between the Ford Mustang and the Ford Thunderbird. The XR7-G and GT-E models had the serious performance specs. with a 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air in the GT-E and a 427 V8 in the XR7. These were serious machines, but the more basic models which still have a reasonable sized V8 engine can still be picked up for good money compared to their contemporaries. Cougars also boast those really cool headlight cover, but like many late 60s and early 70s vehicles to suffer a bit from build quality.
Check out the video below and see if you agree with their choices. Would you include any other makes and models into the mix?

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