Cop Pulls PIECE On Biker Riding Wheelie

Cop Pulls PIECE On Biker Riding Wheelie


Sometimes, out there in the streets, things can get complicated and context is really key. This time, however, I’m not sure that there is very much context that would be able to change your mind to think that a video like this is okay. We have seen hundreds of videos where motorcycle riders and police get tangled up as the riders continue to do their stunts on the highway and the police try to chase them down. It’s an ongoing circle of events that I’m not really sure we will ever see an end to. However, this time, it isn’t a simple game of cat and mouse as a police officer escalates the situation to a whole new level.

Now, in the opinion of most people, I think that they would agree that in order to have a gun or taser pulled out on you, you’d probably better be doing some pretty serious like to putting the safety of the officer or the safety of others in peril. This time, however, it doesn’t appear as if this rider who is pulling a wheelie on the street was being a direct danger to anybody but himself, however, that didn’t stop the officer in question from pulling up beside him and yanking out his weapon. Whether it was a taser or a gun, you can’t really be sure but in either case, it isn’t really clear what firing at this rider would accomplish if he decided to pull the trigger.

If you follow along in the BloxStarz video below, you can see the extent of the incident and how exactly the rider came back down on two wheels and took off. After checking this one out for yourself, do you think that this officer was right to draw his taser or gun on the rider? When do you think would be an appropriate time to pull out a weapon on a suspect?

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