It’s Copzilla, the Nissan GT-R police car

The internet’s favourite car puts on a crime-fighting uniform for the New York Auto Show ~ It’s Copzilla, the Nissan GT-R police car

What would Godzilla look like in a police uniform? Well, that rather mighty and light-y car above is as good a hint as any. As you can see, it’s a Nissan GT-R cop car, and it has instantly earned itself a place on TG’s list of panda cars we wouldn’t mind being pulled over by.

Unlike the legendary unicorn R34 Skyline cop car in Japan, this certain R35 GT-R isn’t set to go on the beat anytime soon. Instead, it’s a one-off show car from Nissan for the upcoming New York motor show. However, it does have bull bars, lots of lights and a scrolling LED bar in the front to pull help people over (or reel off Biggie Smalls lyrics at an outdoor karaoke party) so count us interested.

Based on the latest and greatest 2017 GT-R, the only mechanical tweakage has been the addition of new, aftermarket coilover suspension to slam it to the ground. But with a twin-turbo V6 possessing 562bhp and 469lb ft of torque attached to an unbelievably effective four-wheel-drive system, you’ll still need to be driving something pretty special to outrun it.

The portion of the show cars’ budget not spent on mechanical mods has been hosed on aesthetic changes. Now, the GT-R has always been a brutal-looking thing. A brutal-looking thing that can bend physics and simultaneously pulverise your organs, admittedly. But this one is brutality squared.

With a carbonfibre widebody body kit all round, humongous carbon rear wing that drips backwards off the roof, tinted windows and hunks of metal attached to the front, you don’t want to get in the way of this beast.

If you do, there are a gazillion flashing lights and a loud hailer to give you a warning. Then you’ll just have to brace for the inevitable love tap and deal with the consequences later. In the slammer.

We’re not sure about those wheels, though. Probably wouldn’t point it out to the cops’ faces, mind…