The Corvette Challenge; Nitrous vs Supercharger

The Corvette Challenge; Nitrous vs Supercharger

When you put a 780HP Corvette ZR1 up against a 1000HP C6 Z06 it becomes a battle of nitrous vs supercharged. These two C6 generation Corvettes hit the flight-line on an airfield to see which one will come out on top. These aren’t insane drag cars that push over 2000 horsepower; but they are both definitely very fast by all means with one of the best production motors ever made. This is a brutal challenge for both of these infamous Corvettes. May the best Vette win!

The Z06 has an already powerful 7-liter LS7 high-performance engine that is nitrous-fed putting the horsepower rating at approximately 1000 HP. The driver of the Z06 selected the nitrous configuration to maximize the full potential of motor.

The ZR1 Corvette is equipped with a supercharger configuration that accomplishes an output of approximately 780 horsepower. The ZR1 also sports a fine-tuned 7-liter LS7 that is one of the highest horsepower production motors ever made.

The race took place at the Arkansas County Airport in Rockport, Texas with the Vettes going head to head in a very close battle. The end result is a very close race. The video gives you the complete story from an onlooker aspect and with a view filmed from inside the Z06.

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