When street racing starts to get heated, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. Even though some spots might have been prepared to be able to handle all of the the power that the cars are going to lay down, you absolutely never know what to expect on the street. After all, if you go to the track, the situation is more controlled and the entire surface has been coated with some nice and sticky track prep that will allow cars to more easily grab and not slide around. This time, you will see a situation that proves how the street can be a polar opposite to that phenomenon as, no matter what kind of machine you’re pushing, your fate can all slide out of your hands in a hurry.

The action all gets underway as a Chevrolet Corvette with a nice little reserve of nitrous lines up alongside a turbocharged Ford Mustang. Off of the hit, it looks like the Corvette is going to leave out to a sizable advantage and plow its way through the finish line to take home victory, however, before we know it, the car is losing control with the back end kicking out and sliding all over the road. This driver isn’t about to quit, though, as some serious money is on the line during this cash days and he wants to be the one to take it home.

Follow along down in the video below that takes you to the the scene as the Corvette drier does all that he can to keep the car on the road, even sliding off of the edge a bit before getting back into it and attempting to continue on through the finish line. BigKleib34 cameras were on the scene of the action to capture the moment as it all happened. Follow along in the video down below that will put you streetside to see exactly how all of this action managed to unfold and how it all ended.

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