In all corners of the racing world, there are builds that have something about them that just strikes you as truly impressive. Sure, if you’re looking to go as fast as humanly possible, I don’t think that you would go with an all-motor setup. It just doesn’t make any sense when boost or nitrous could easily make you go faster.
However, what you have to remember is that, in some corners of the racing community, there are people who are looking to see if they can accomplish goals just to see how far their knowledge and abilities can take them. I’m sure that if the crew behind this Chevrolet Corvette Z06 over at Vengeance Racing wanted to bash this thing over 200mph it would be no problem as they’ve put together plenty of cars that have climbed to that height, however, there’s something to be said and many bragging rights to be had if you can do it with no sort of power adder to speak of. This car is one of maybe a handful in the entire world without power adders that can claim that it’s capable of these kinds of speeds in the half mile.

The way that we see this car, it’s hard to look at it without having rose colored glasses on. Everywhere that you peek on this machine, it just keeps getting better and better and when we learn that there isn’t even a big block under the hood, well, it’s hard to not get excited to see what it does next as the car makes pass after pass, aiming for that illustrious 200 mph goal.If you follow along down in the video below, you will get the whole rundown of the car as the BigKleib34 cameras catch up with Ron Mowen of Vengeance Racing as he tells us about all the ins and outs of this car along with some of the challenges that might have been presented along the way with putting together a car with no boost or nitrous that’s able to roll this quickly. As Ron confirms, there has been a ton of engineering and design that have gone into making a set up like this work and it truly is a pleasure to be able to see the fruits of that effort make their way to some incredible passes.

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