Corvette ZR1 Destroys Dodge Demon, Sets World Record The Same Night

So, remember the guys that first proved that the ZR1 could go basement 10s with just a tire? If not, you’ll definitely want to read this. But those same guys decided that it would be a good idea to run a ZR1 and a Demon, door-to-door, to find out once and for all if the Dodge was really all it was cracked up to be. Oh, and by the way “those guys” names are Will Farmer and Matt Anderson, just for the record.
Having already established that the ZR1 was capable of low 10s, and witnessing first-hand that the Demon rarely puts up the Dodge-reported numbers, they did the only sensible thing and set up a grudge race against the infamous drag car. The Demon clearly has a “home court” advantage in this race. After all, it was designed to do one thing, and one thing only, and that’s going fast in a straight line. The Corvette, on the other hand, is a jack of all trades and apparently master of all. While the Corvette is clearly more optimized for running snaking ribbons of tarmac, it’s magnetic ride control allows it to optimize the chassis in any situation, be that a straight-line sprint or a quick dash around the Nurburgring. But what better way to prove the Corvette’s drag-strip prowess than to pit it against one of the most powerful production vehicles of all time?
After talking the Demon owner into the race, the guys headed back to Richmond Dragway to put the issue to rest. Yet again, the Corvette was on a drag radial, but so was the Demon (obviously). We’re not sure whether the Demon was equipped with its “race PCM” and running on race gas, but even on pump gas, it is a formidable foe.

And while it’s hard to see the final numbers in the video, the time slip doesn’t lie. The Corvette absolutely slaughtered the Demon, laying down a time of 10.20 at 137 mph, while the Demon lumbered to an 11.59 at 134 mph. Judging by the MPH and the poor 1.95 60-foot time, the Demon was fighting some serious traction issues. But either way you cut it, the Corvette simply outperformed the Demon.
Had the Demon cut a better 60-foot, it would have been a much closer race but the victory would have still likely have gone to the ZR1 as it still out trapped the Dodge. Not to mention the fact that it cut a blistering 1.60 60-foot time in the process. All of this was accomplished at +500 feet DA, as you can see from the time slip which is pretty good air all things considered.

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