We love a good prank, and this is one of the best ones we have seen in quite a while. The victim in this clip is Tom, a flight instructor with a student in class that spends more time playing on her phone than paying attention. At least she’s getting plenty of practice playing a flying combat game on her phone while Tom tries to instruct.

The prank is that the student is no student at all, but instead a flight instructor herself, as well as an aerobatic pilot and FAA certified airline pilot. Nadia Marcinko is a former fashion model turned pilot who is more than capable of doing whatever she wants in “Bunny”, the awesome P51 Mustang that is the focus of Tom’s class. The gorgeous blond gets made up to look like a ditzy young girl with a YouTube channel who is just taking the class as content, and isn’t at all interested in actually learning to fly. Of course, with years of experience under her belt, she has no real need to pay attention in class, but puts on a great show making it obvious she’s not paying attention, keeping her phone in her face while Tom tries, very patiently, to teach her about the plane and how to properly operate it.

However, once they get off the ground, Nadia is able to get her hands on the plane’s controls and show what she’s capable of, and it blows poor Tom’s mind, at least until she reveals the truth about who she really is. Nadia takes over and pulls off some moves that few could manage without batting an eye, proving just how capable she is in the air. Tom handles the prank like a champ, giving Nadia props on her skills as they buzz the great blue skies above Palm Springs. A legendary plane, a beautiful, talented prankster, and a good-spirited victim are the ingredients for this perfect prank video, and it delivers!

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