As car enthusiasts, we definitely have a very unique set of needs. Even though it seems like everybody in our lives think the same way that we do, as it turns out, we’re really in the minority with the aspects that we look for in an automobile that we purchase. However, it really appears as a Chevrolet tried to hit the nail on the head and please our group of peers with what they would be rolling out in the Chevrolet SS. The idea would be to bring to life a performance sedan that would be able to not only be functional in regular life but also get the gears of rowing in the hearts of high-performance car enthusiasts. We’re thinking something along the lines of a CTS-V with a bowtie.

Now, the car did just that and it also seemed to find its way into the good graces of just about everybody who came across one. In fact, with all of the different comments that I’ve read and heard as an automotive journalist, I would be inclined to say that from my memory, the general consensus is that the Chevy SS is really a bad to the bone car that many, especially American car fans, seem to have a soft spot for and therefore, it doesn’t really make sense as to why exactly this platform couldn’t sell well enough to keep it in production. With the very last new Chevrolet SS variants hanging out on dealership lots and no more in production, Doug DeMuro definitely has an interesting take on what exactly it was that would knock this particular nameplate out of the Chevrolet lineup.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get the typical Doug DeMuro car review as he takes an in-depth look at what exactly it was that made up the Chevrolet SS and he tries to take a stab at figuring out why the car wasn’t popular enough to hang around. As it turns out, I guess that the SS was just another flash in the pan. Why do you think it was that this nameplate would be one that wouldn’t make it past 2017?

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