Demon Killer? No! A Top Fuel Dragsters Killer! WATER ROCKET TRIKE

Demon Killer? No! A Top Fuel Dragsters Killer! 

And it’s powered by the water! 


It doesn’t really make any sense, but we love it

What’s nice and compact, pretty powerful, and accelerates better than most things in its class? No, we aren’t talking about some highly engineered German sports car, but this time, we take a look inside of the machine that is bound to wow you just as much if not more. This thing hasn’t exactly been created by a whole group of skilled professionals that have spent years upon years of engineering to make the perfectly crafted car, however, it looks just as fun if not even more of a blast. Just watching this thing under power makes you feel like your brain is about the bounce off of the back of your skull thanks to all of the G-forces that the trike is able to pull.

I think that, for most of us, we can agree that what we’re looking at here is a rather obscure creation. On the surface, no matter how it performs, this thing is a little bit bonkers. However, when you learn about some statistics that the insane creation brings the table, your jaw will probably drop to the floor and it might be difficult to get it back from there. For starters, the water-powered rocket trike does 0 to 60 mph in just about a half of a second. No, that wasn’t some type of misprint. This thing really is that blazing when you lay down into to the throttle and unleash the power of water at full force that will throw you back to the tune of 5.1 G.

Watch the video below that will let you see this incredible machine in action as it really unleashes a force that nobody probably really even knew existed until video.

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