Dodge Challenger Hellcat Burnout by 10 Year Old Kid !!!


Remember that time when you sat behind the wheel in your dad’s car trying to see over the dashboard?

Well, this kid doesn’t have an issue on focusing on the road ahead, yet alone concentrating on the 707 horsepower produced by the impressive lump in front of him, so encouraged by his old man, who buckled up for the ride, and filmed by his mother, he managed to pull out two impressive burnouts in a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

This isn’t the tire-melting game that engulfs the surroundings in a massive cloud of smoke though, but since a 10-year old child was responsible for producing it, we have to give him credit and hope that his genes, combined with more practice, will eventually land him on a race track.

Meanwhile, he’ll continue to burn the rubber of his father’s muscle car on deserted roads that seem to be neighboring a farm somewhere in the States, and before going all censorious on the kid, remember the adrenaline rush you got when you first started driving.