Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs. Ferrari 458 Drag Race Just Isn’t Fair

On-paper (should we say on-screen?) racing has its obvious advantages since you can easily do your homework before an actual race. So let’s see what happens when we pit a Dodge Challenger Hellcat against a Ferrari 458 Italia.

These two rear-wheel-drive heroes seem like the perfect drag racing pair since both come with a power-to-weight ratio of 2.9 kilograms per hp. So you can forget the fact that, when it comes to the way in which the velocity is delivered, the two are a whole world apart.

Moving closer to the real world, we’ll mention that both Fiat Chrysler Group machines have been clocked doing 10.8s quarter-mile runs. Nevertheless, while the Prancing Horse can pull such stunts in factory stock form, the muscle car needs a pair of drag radials for the job, while using its factory rubber makes it an 11.2s car.

Keep in mind that the figures mentioned above are for the eight-speed auto incarnation of the Challenger Hellcat, as this is the version featured in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page.

Oh, and we should also mention the Hellcat in this video packs drag radials while featuring a custom driveshaft – perhaps its owner saw the Hellcat that blew its carbon fiber driveshaft and wanted to avoid going down that path. Or maybe the man simply knew that mixing the drag radials with tons of prepped surface launches requires a reinforced driveshaft.

Regardless, the Mopar machine recently duked it out with a 458. And as for the Maranello machine, this came in 100 percent factory stock form, hence the final part of the title above.

Those of you willing to know how the Ferrari 488 can pay the 1,320 feet game should check out this story, which shows the 458’s twin-turbo successor battling a Tesla Model S P100D on the same drag strip we have here.