Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs. Honda Civic Type R Drag Race Goes South

When all you have is a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, everything that moves will look like drag racing material. This is true even if you happen to have a Honda Civic Type R lined up next to you.
So, why would anybody throw the 707 hp Mopar machine, which is the scales’ greatest enemy, at the 306 horsepower front-wheel-drive hot hatch?
Well, if you ask the crew over at TFLcar, who came up with the stunt, you’ll probably get a big, fat “why not?” as a reply. This is a father and son adventure and you don’t need to be an YouTube aficionado to figure out how the two chose their speeding tools.
However, once the drag race was over (as you can imagine, the sprinting brawl didn’t take too long), the Hellcat got… cornered, since the Type R invited the muscle machine to a time attack. And no, the youngster behind the wheel of the Japanese toy didn’t go easy on his father. The only thing the Hellcat had going for it was the fact that it had just received a set of rear tires.
The video below will let you know that, despite the fact that these beasts are as different as they get, both cars come with 20-inch wheels. Interestingly, the rims aren’t the only thing the two have in common.
Interestingly, we now live in a time when you can buy both engines present in this velocity comparison in crate form. For one thing, the turbo-four of the spicy hatchback would make for an awesome piece of a lightweight project, one that could perhaps enjoy the benefits of rear-wheel-drive.
As for the blown 6.2-liter HEMI, the sheer idea of this V8 being freed of the burden that is the scale footprint of the Dodge Challenger (think: 4,469 lb or 2,027 kg) is enough to make us giggle


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