Dodge Demon Drag Races Hemi ‘Cuda, America Wins!

By now, we’ve shown you all sorts of scenarios involving the Dodge Demon doing its thing. Nevertheless, none of the drag races we’re talking about are as glorious as the one you’re about to see.
That’s because this battle sees the Demon duking it out with… its grandpa. We’re here for an all-Mopar confrontation that will make muscle car aficionados’ jaws drop.
To be more precise, the SRT halo car came together with a Hemi ‘Cuda. However, the two didn’t spend too much time talking about the pedigree of the brand(s), as they had some history of their own to write.

Thus, the Demon and the ‘Cuda engaged in a quarter-mile battle and, with the muscle heroes using the drag strip, things were done by the book, from the prepped surface to the numbers delivered at the end of the battle.
It’s worth mentioning that the drivers of the Mopar animals were fully up to the task, as indicated by the swift reactions during the Christmas Tree game.
With the Demon being a majestic piece of headline material these days, it’s supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI, which delivers 808 hp on gas pump and 840 ponies on race juice, needs no presentation.
As for the Plymouth, the retro machine we have here is animated by an all-aluminum 528 HEMI, which comes in all motor form (think: no forced induction).
Of course, there are also Demon owners out there who have decided to take their machines down the aftermarket route. And despite the Demon having only hit the market earlier this year, things have gone pretty crazy in Dodge modding lang.

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