Dodge Demon vs. Tesla Model S P100D Drag Race Is a Street Rematch

When Dodge introduced the Challenger SRT Demon, the Mopar people talked about a 9.65s quarter-mile time. Certain fans quickly started pulling on-paper stunts, thinking that the uber-Challenger would easily dominate any battle is engaged in. Nevertheless, the real-world picture can be different, as the street races involving the Demon have demonstrated so far.

And one of the non-drag strip battles involving the blown HEMI machine that became famous on the world wide web saw an F8 Green incarnation of the Dodge duking it out with a Tesla Model S P100D.
In an attempt to ensure the Challenger could put its muscle down, the owner fitted the rear axle with a pair of Hoosier racing slicks. Alas, following a hefty burnout, the tires seemed to become unusable, as the car couldn’t even hook at 90 mph.
The Demon driver promised he would return with proper rubber and now we can check out the results of that – the Demon is back to fight the P100D, with the Dodge packing the factory Nitto drag radials.
In fact, the machine is now here in full factory trim, using the normal ECU and 93-octane gas, using the full-size front tires and packing full seating capacity.
As for the Tesla Model S P100D, this is also here in factory trim, unlike a few of the Palo Alto machines out there, which have been lightened.
Speaking of the EV, the Tesla also had a few issues, with the car overheating and cutting power. Then again, the Demon and the Model S P100D didn’t just race once. In fact, they duked it out on five separate occasions, aiming to ensure that the conclusion is relevant.
Of course, both standing and rolling starts were used, with the 808 hp muscle car (pump gas, remember?) getting a fair chance.
Speaking of which, the owners said he would return once the Demon crate goodies, such as the skinny front tires and the race ECU, which means we should see the 840 hp machine sprinting soon.

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