Every once in a while, a little bit of a smoke show might be necessary to relieve some of the stress inside of you. After all, if you have an awesome vehicle setup, why not let it unleash a little bit of smoke in the air to put on a show? It would almost be wrong to hold in all the performance and keep it to yourself when there’s a crowd that’s ready and willing to accept the gifts that these kinds of vehicles have to offer. This time, we get to see all that and more from a couple of rides that pretty much anybody would probably love to have in their driveway.

Instead of any sort of conventional burnout display, this time, we have what they’re calling a “double burnout.” Now, we know what you’re thinking but it’s not as simple as two vehicles sitting next to each other and roasting the tires but instead, we watch a Super Snake Ford Mustang being towed by a Shelby 1000 Ford F-350 and both of the vehicles in question are lighting them up as the Mustang is strapped to the trailer and the truck, obviously, is pulling the trailer while roasting rubber.
If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to see the show as both of these vehicles end up throwing some rubber down to the ground and turning it into smoke where it fades off into the air, bringing with it an insane display that you have got to see to believe.

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