If you have ever used Uber, it’s actually quite the convenient experience where you can basically just pull out your cell phone and get a taxi on command. Most of the time, your ride will show up, hopefully in a presentable way, with a car that is more than likely economical. I mean, driving a gas guzzler around all day wouldn’t really make as much sense as something that really sips on the gasoline as it gets you where you need to go in the most efficient way possible. However, I guess that not everybody has that outlook on an Uber ride.

This time, the Uber driver just so happens to select the likes of a 750 hp Shelby Ford F150. It’s not necessarily a truck that has been heavily blasted in the marketing department but is one that could really surprise you. The fact that this machine is kind of gone under the radar to anyone who’s not a performance nut should prove to provide a pretty interesting interaction between potential riders and the truck that is sure to confuse quite a few people. When you throw in the fact that it has 750 hp on tap, ready to get reactions out of the passengers, you have yourself a concoction for an interesting video.
If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to watch all of these combustible elements coming together as the high performance truck catches some riders off guard as it lays down all that power and throws the occupants back in their seats. I’m not sure about you but there might not be too many better ways that you can get picked up if you call for an Uber and something like this shows up. Not only does it have plenty of room but it also is quite the exciting vehicle to be able to catch a ride in.

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