Duane Biddle’s Crazy Wheelstand Crash Landing In San Antonio!

VIDEO: Duane Biddle’s Crazy Wheelstand Crash Landing In San Antonio!

Texas small-tire street and no prep racer Duane Biddle has a monumental task on his hands this week to repair his turbocharged Ford Mustang after a wild wheelstand-and-crash incident on Saturday night at the Tim Duncan’s Arm Drop Race at the San Antonio Raceway in Texas left his ride scarred and tattered.

In a scene that’s quickly made its way around the internet over the last two days, Biddle’s beautiful and potent “Dragonfly” Mustang launched into a picturesque wheelstand during Saturday evening’s eliminations and rode out to the half track mark before crashing down hard on its driver’s side before turning back onto all fours and nudging nose-first into the guardrail.

For those on-hand in San Antonio, it was perhaps the wildest thing they’d ever witnessed on a racetrack, while for Biddle, it was the ride of a lifetime and a particularly ill-timed setback all in one.

Biddle has every intention of — and still does — of participating in this coming weekend’s Outlaw Armageddon no prep event in Oklahoma, arguably the biggest such event in the country, where a cool $20,000 is on the line for the small-tire racers. Despite the damage, which is largely cosmetic, Biddle and company are already burning the midnight oil to patch the car together as well as possible to make it to the Thunder Valley Raceway.







“I’m fine. The damage is pretty much the whole left side of the car,” he shares. “We have some parts coming in today to patch the car together for now. My goal is to make it to Outlaw Armageddon this weekend. It’s definitely going to be a long week of late nights.”

Fortunately, for Biddle, the accident could have had a much more destructive result — from the seat, he was sure it was headed onto its roof, or worse.

“I was holding on saying ‘oh shit’, waiting for the rollover,” he comments.

For Biddle, the battle wounds will provide a story to tell this weekend at Armageddon; and if he wins the thing, what spectacular comeback it will mark.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, this weekend’s was named for that Tim Duncan, of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs fame, who really was out there on the starting line flagging races.

Video courtesy National No Prep Association

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