The way that the used car market works is pretty crazy. One day, you’ll see a car selling for $20,000 when a couple of years later, the price will be shooting through the roof, making you wish that you had gotten in when the vehicle was only worth that of a normal car. Sometimes, this value can be due to rarity, different groundbreaking features on board, or simply a demand that has been put in place by a company thanks to a premium brand value. No matter what it is that is hyping up this value, it really leads you to wonder exactly why some cars can make you a ton of money when we’re always being informed that an automobile isn’t a good investment.
In this video, it’s not necessarily checking out the same old same again by taking a look at vehicles that might be the best to have gotten your money in on the ground floor, but instead, some of the most expensive vehicles have ever been left behind and abandoned, worth nothing more than what they are to look at or potentially to be worth to somebody who sees the potential in them after lots of elbow grease and investment to make them resemble the machine that they once were at some point in time. However, as of now, they are nothing more then carcasses of their former selves.
If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll be able to see a compilation of some of the world’s most expensive cars that have definitely not been cared for whether it be for one reason or another. It’s kind of sad to see how some of these machines are left to rot even though some of them really had to be as it seems like the owners really had no choice but to leave them behind whether it be because of their own personal safety being at risk or even their freedom! After soaking in all that this video offers down below, be sure to tell us which of these cases you would most want to take home and put in your own personal garage.

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