Our Favorites Classic Models Chevy Trucks

Our Favorites Classic Models Chevy Trucks

From the Suburban to the Blazer Chalet these are the best models of classic Chevy trucks

We all love trucks. No matter what brand or manufacturer they’re, no matter all the gliches and faults, no matter how much MPG they can do… Some of them are good, some of them not so good… Simply they are backbone and true workhorses of our society.

This time we focus on Chevrolet’s trucks and their best models of our choice.

Classic Chevy trucks are some of the most sought after vehicles in the used car market. They are considered reliable, hardworking and in many cases, just flat out beautiful. Regardless of whether you are cruising around town in a Suburban or are lucky enough to own 1955 Chevy 3100, classic Chevy trucks are just plain cool.

Here is a quick list of our favorite classic Chevy trucks:

Chevrolet Suburban : 1935 to Present

The Suburban is one of the longest running of the classic Chevy trucks on the list and has been in production since 1935. In fact it is the longest continuous use of an automotive nameplate in history. Over the course of its history it has been one of the more profitable of General Motors vehicles.

It started as the Carryall Suburban in 1935 and is a two-door vehicle that has three-rows and a 60 hp engine. Since its introduction, the Suburban has been produced under the Chevrolet, Holden, GMC, and Plymouth nameplates.

The more modern Suburban comes with an V-8 under the hood and can easily seat nine people. It is available as a half-ton or three-quarter ton vehicle with rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It comes with plenty of convenience features as well a rear vision camera, fold flat second and row seats, tri-zone automatic climate controls as well as an 8-inch color touch screen.

The Suburban has now been through eleven generations!

Chevrolet El Camino: 1964-1987

The El Camino had a brief run in 1959 and 1960 but production was stopped due to low sales. It has fired up again in 1964 and stayed in production until 1987. The El Camino was based on the Chevelle and quickly grew in popularity to almost cult like status in its heyday. It is still one of the more popular classic Chevy trucks.

While the base version was slightly tame, there was an optional 327 small block V8 that pushed out 300 hp in 1964. In 1965, a performance version hit the market and the horsepower went up to 350 hp.

The El Camino still enjoys a cult status among certain crowds and while a 1995 concept version was created, it never went into production so El Camino enthusiasts are still waiting to buy a newer version.

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