Ford Mustang GT350 Turned Into A 100 MPH Fireball

Ford Mustang GT350 Turned Into A 100 MPH Fireball

A Mustang GT350 had a major engine failure at Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia, sending a bunch of oil out of its oil filter adapter housing—oil that eventually touched something hot, and turned into a massive fireball. Here are some photos of the blaze and the aftermath, which can best be described thusly: holy shit.

According to the guy behind the wheel, Joe “HiPo Joe” Charles, a snap ring in his Mustang GT350’s oil cooler thermostat failed while he was driving hot lamps around Roebling Road back in April. The failed snap ring caused a plug to be pushed out of the oil filter adapter housing, sending loads of oil out of the engine. Joe thinks that oil touched the catalytic converter, and turned into a huge fireball.

But the fire wasn’t the only terrifying bit; perhaps just as terrifying was the fact that Joe, who was at the time traveling 100 MPH, lost all brakes. Joe says in his Facebook post:

“The heat from the flames must have been very intense as the brake fluid boiled and the brake pedal went to the floor. So now I’m still running 100+ MPH on fire with no brakes.”

So Joe tried pulling the park brake:

“With no hydraulic brakes I tried to use the emergency brake. I knew that I couldn’t yank it up because it would lock the rear wheels causing me to lose what little bit of control I had. About 20% through the travel of the lever, the cable snapped.”

With no brakes, Joe popped the car into first, dumped the clutch and prayed. Luckily, the car rolled to a stop “less than 30’ from corner station and the fire extinguishers.”\

Joe was lucky that he was on a track, where a safety crew could get to him quickly. He wasn’t hurt at all in the incident.

As for the car—which had a full Kooks exhaust, JLT cold air intake, and a custom tune from HP tuners—Joe said Ford bought it back from him only 90 days after the accident. Joe stress that “Ford has been very very very good to [him].”

Don’t cry for Joe folks, since he says that thanks to Ford and his local Ford dealer Prater Ford his 2016 GT350 will get replaced by a 2017 GT350R, and although he had literally to go thru fire for this upgrade it sure is worth it.

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