Gallery of Celebrity Car Mod Fails, Or Money Doesn’t Buy Taste

Gallery of Celebrity Car Mod Fails, Or Money Doesn’t Buy Taste

It’s never clear whether celebs make bad car decisions because they’re clueless or they want to bring attention to themselves at almost any cost. You decide.

One skillset that celebrities of more, um, limited, talents have is the ability to remain in the public eye for no reason at all. In fact, some you have to wonder where they came from and when they earned their fame in the first place. Having an extravagant car that collects plenty of media attention is another way they’ve found to keep themselves in the public eye.

Snooki’s Cadillac EXT

Hmm, who would have thought that pink and matte black on an Escalade EXT wouldn’t really work together? Go figure.’s Delorean

The Delorean has never been near the top of anyone’s list for great car design. In fact it’s probably never made anyone’s list. actually came close to improving the looks on his Delorean, but then took a turn straight over the top.

Flo Rida’s Bugatti

If you’ve got money to throw at a Bugatti and have some left, why not throw that money into having the car covered in real gold leaf?

Kristen Stewart’s Mother’s Truck

When actress Kristen Stewart was spotted driving this old Toyota pickup, she explained that it belonged to her mom. Nice dodge, but you’ve made a few million dollars, can’t you buy your mother something nicer to drive? Or at least have spruce it up for her?

Paris Hilton’s Bentley

Were you expecting something different? Actually, she also owns a McLaren 650S Spider, a black GMC Yukon Hybrid, a white Lexus LFA, a Ferrari California Spyder, and another Bentley, that one blue.

Nicki Minaj’s Lamborghini Aventador

Take that, Paris Hilton.

Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma

So our boy Justin goes and buys what everyone with any sense knows will be an orphan car in a matter of months, and then to make sure his legions of fans can track him, has it wrapped in a chrome finish. Ooops, what he didn’t think through is that chromed Fiskers draw the attention of the cops as well. Sign here for this citation for Reckless Driving, Mr. Bieber.

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador

OK, it’s supposed to be a camo paint job on this Aventador. But camo from what? Between the colors and the spacing, it looks more like a display of giant amoeba. Hmmm. Might just be the thing for Kristen Stewart’s mother’s truck.

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