GM vs Mopar vs Ford – Which Had The Hottest Muscle Car Small Block

When it comes to Classic Muscle Cars, much of the attention goes to 426 Hemis, 454s, and 427s. Here we pick the best of the Muscle Car small block motors.
A couple of quick ground rules (and we’ll know if you’re paying attention by your Facebook comments). First, we’re selecting engines that were available between ’64 and ’72 – the Classic Muscle Car era pre-smog controls. Second, we considered only engines using carburetors, as otherwise it provided the very small number of fuel injected engines an unfair advantage, and also skewed our comparison.
Also, as there’s no way to verify claims about overrating or underrating engines, we’re going to assume all manufacturers were playing the same game and use the horsepower figures they stated at the time.

And finally, remember this is a list of small blocks, so no Ford FE, any GM Big Block, or Chrysler B or RB motors.
Also, at the very end there’s a chart that lists each each and the horsepower it generated per cubic inch, as the difference between the smallest and largest engines is almost 1 liter in displacement (Ford has cars driving around with 1 liter engines, so it’s significant).

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