Oh, ricers…
If you’re reading this and you’re not exactly sure what a ricer is, allow us to brief you. Basically, the concept comes about when someone goes completely over-the-top with their car in terms of visual modifications without them being classy or clean in any facet. A lot of times, performance guys will call somebody a ricer if their excessive modifications stop at the visuals and don’t dive under the hood. It’s definitely a term that gets thrown around and can be misconstrued depending on who’s using it. Basically, when you’re thinking of that loud and obnoxious guy who doesn’t really know what’s going on and has all kinds of over-the-top visual modifications done to his car, you’re thinking about a ricer.
Now, many of us did go through our ricer phase when we were younger but, it just so happens that the majority of us grew out of them by the time that we were through our teenage years. However, as it turns out, I guess some people just aren’t ready to move on from the Fast and Furious craze, looking to dump money into their car with all sorts of useless gadgets that honestly don’t even look that great if you ask the majority of people. I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder but really, tacky is tacky.
This time, we see that being a ricer can be a lot more than just a car, it can also span to an attitude and this time, we get just that attitude by basically the dictionary definition. This guy really goes above and beyond to be obnoxious and it was all caught on camera. I guess it to be fair, the guys in the camera car aren’t exactly pure and clean, either, but the way the guy in the Honda here handled himself is completely childish as he drives around doing burnouts and drawing way more attention to himself than he needs to. Generally, we like to leave people alone and let them have their own opinion no matter what we think but in this one, we think this driver is practically begging to be called out.

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