The Most Hated People You’ll Meet at the DMV

The Most Hated People You’ll Meet at the DMV

Is there anything worse than having to have to go to the DMV? More often than not, it’s an agonizingly boring, bordering on soul-crushing experience. Even ones with the most efficient and friendly staff can’t keep the place from being an awful place to spend time. In fact, if you’ve ever had a good experience at a DMV, it’s likely a story that you still tell to friends and family years later.

And on top of that feeling of being at the mercy of a faceless bureaucracy, you have to deal with other people. Usually, the types of people that you wouldn’t want to spend time with anywhere else. Unfortunately, we don’t have any real tricks to make spending time at the DMV any better — bring a good book maybe? But we can identify the worst of the worst that always seem to show up when you’re there.

Here are the most hated types of people at the DMV that make a bad experience even worse.

1. The phone talker

The DMV is already a stressful place to be. So why not make it worse and have a dramatic phone conversation that 50 other people can hear too? Astonishingly, you never hear a small, quick exchange. It’s always someone yelling about how crazy someone else is, or how they’re fighting with someone else. Make no mistake: If you’re having this type of conversation waiting at the DMV, you look like the crazy one.

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