Hennessey Venom F5 Coming To Geneva To Taunt The Bugatti Chiron

John Hennessey himself will be at upcoming Geneva Motor Show along with his all-new hypercar, the Venom F5. Though it was revealed at SEMA in November, this will be the first time it will be leaving the continental US, heading straight to the world’s most premiere auto show for hypercar debuts.

The Venom F5, the successor to the Venom GT, is powered by a new twin-turbo V8 with over 1,600 hp on tap, paired to a seven-speed single clutch paddle shift transmission sending all power to the rear wheels. Built on a lightweight chassis and featuring an all-carbon fiber body, Hennessey claims a total curb weight of just 2,950 pounds. Acceleration, as you’ve already guessed, is downright nuts. Zero to 186 mph requires less than 10 seconds, 0 to 249 mph and back to a complete rest will take no more than 30 seconds. A top speed run has yet to take place, but Hennessey predicts the Venom F5 will surpass 300 mph.
If that happens, the Venom F5 would overtake the Koenigsegg Agera RS (284 mph) as the world’s fastest production car. The previous record holders were the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (269.86 mph) and the Hennessey Venom GT (270.49 mph). We have no doubt Hennessey will once again go for the crown. When it does, it’ll also have the Bugatti Chiron to deal with. Good times ahead.

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